Aaron Wilson Holds Joint Appointment with BPCRC and OSU Extension

March 21, 2017
Aaron Wilson

As of 1 January 2017, Aaron Wilson holds a joint appointment with the College of Food, Agriculture and Environment Sciences (CFAES) Department of Extension. For the past two years, BPCRC and the State Climate Office of Ohio (SCOO) have worked with Extension to improve the collection of drought impacts across the state for weekly assessments and provide climate change information to the agricultural community through seminars and participation in the annual Farm Science Review. With this new appointment, Aaron will be responsible for additional improvements to the collection and communication of drought and flood impacts across the state, in-service training on climate and climate change in Ohio for county and state-level Extension Educators, and collaboration on agricultural and natural resources project proposals involving weather, climate, climate change, and modeling. As part of SCOO’s recently awarded Connect and Collaborate Grant, Aaron will actively engage agricultural stakeholders throughout Ohio and help develop the FARM (Fertilizer Application and Resource Monitor) web app and climate database.