Precipitation Resources

Precipitation is critical to maintaining both drinking and irrigation water supplies, as well as preserving ecosystems. This page contains links to sites that are related to precipitation and drought.

Hydro Outlook

Resources relating to drought Data Portal

U.S. Drought portal includes maps, raw data, and current information regarding drought across the U.S.

US Drought Monitor

Resources of the drought monitor, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Resources relating to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)


NOAA ATLAS Precip Estimates

A precipitation estimation tool for any given location hosted by NOAA.

NOAA Climate Data Online (CDO)

NOAA's CDO portal provides users with free access to data and the ability to apply filters to search for specific data. An example of a search using the CDO portal can be seen here.


Other useful resources


MRCC Home Page

The MRCC serves the Midwest region and provides climate data in many forms. 


A citizen science initiative to report observations of rain, hail and snow through a network of trained volunteers.

NASA Precip Measurement

Resources relating to NASA's GPM and TRMM missions and data access from these missions. The data is free and easy to access. Data Portal

Resources relating to climate data maps for the U.S. This webpage also serves as the gateway for other resources available through