Temperature Resources


Resources relating to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)


NOAA Climate Monitoring

Real-time climate information, including trends and variability of Earth's climate.

NOAA Temp, Precip and Drought Maps

Temperature, precipitation and drought products produced by NOAA.

NOAA State of the Climate

State of the Climate reports released by NOAA on a monthly basis, including information related to climate on both global and national scales.

NOAA Climate Data Online (CDO)

NOAA's CDO portal provides users with free access to data and the ability to apply filters to search for specific data. An example of a search using the CDO portal can be seen here.

Resources relating to the Midwest Regional Climate Center (MRCC)


MRCC Home Page

The MRCC serves the Midwest region and provides climate data in many forms. 

MRCC Climate Watch

Resources relating to the climate within the Central and Midwest regions. The information includes current maps with a multitude of information relating to temperature, precipitation, seasons, etc.

MRCC cli-MATE Database;

Resources relating to the free service provided by the MRCC to access climate data. You can use this tool to produce various maps and look at other types of end products, as well as look at raw climate data.

Other useful resources


Weather Underground Daily Archive

Daily archive maintained by Weather Underground. Users can search for a specific site and view hourly data.