State Climate Office of Ohio

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The State Climatology Office for Ohio strives to acquire, archive, process and disseminate all climate and weather information that is of value to public officials and organizations, corporations, research scientists, and private citizens of the state.  The fact that there is a state climatology office is not widely known around Ohio and many of the requests are either from central Ohio or they are from other states, from persons that know of climate services in their home state.

People come to this website because they are interested in finding Ohio climate data.  The web links to the left will hopefully help you find such information.  Many have free information but invariably the detailed and specific data needs that most people have will be available for a fee. 

Current Climate Maps

Major Climate Data Repositories

  • National Climatic Data Center. A wide variety of free and fee-based data can be found at the NCDC website.  It is the ONLY source for climate data admissible in court for legal cases.  You may be able to access the online databases for free if you are accessing from a .gov, .edu, .k12, .mil, or .us email extension or network domain.
  • Midwestern Regional Climate Center. Data for Ohio and the Midwest are available at low cost that include daily, monthly, or long-term averages of precipitation and daily temperature, information on heating or cooling degree days, snowfall, and snow cover. More elaborate climate statistics are also available for specific stations, climate divisions and statewide averages.  Look for the Midwestern Applied Climate System (MACS) system on the web page, a menu-driven system providing climate summaries and daily data for the entire U.S. Some complimentary access may be available to graduate students or university affiliates. Contact the Service Office for inquiries. Climate maps of the midwest are available free from their Climate Watch area.

Public Access (Free) Climate Data Sites

Basic Climatological Data Available Free for U.S. Cities

Monthly averaged values of many climate parameters are available for cities around Ohio and the nation.  These include:

Climatologies of Specific Phenomena

Studies of Ohio's Past Climate

Astronomical/Atmospheric Topics

Comprehensive Climate Topical Sites

Global Change Sites

Weather Products